Our Vision:

We live and breath software sales best practices.  Our commitment to you is to act as an extension of your team in supporting you in your achievements in software or technology selling by providing superior “How To” digital products and 24/7 customer support.

We see Business Development reps, Account Executives, Directors of Sales, and VPs of Sales to be the core livelihood of any software business.  Therefore, our success is 100% invested in YOUR success.  The entire softwaresalesguru team is here to ensure that you reach your true potential as well as our cornerstone digital products, which we believe everyone should to have.

Our Philosophy:

Willingly provide 10X more value than YOU ask for in return.

It’s literally that simple!

Softwaresalesguru content, including blogs, newsletters and products, is made up of the best in breed software selling, technology selling, solution selling information there is available in the market right now.  That is our promise to you.

No matter how transactional or complex your sales cycle is, the content we have backing our business is to simplify the process, satisfy the needs of your customers, and get you REAL tangible results.

Meet Christian:

Hi, I’m Christian Zachary. I got my start in software selling years ago.  I started at the bottom making endless cold calls (often 100+ per day) and sending out tons of emails.  I didn’t have mentors, a proven selling system, or a general direction to go in. I was lost.  This went on for months and months at a time.

While still in business development and almost on my way out the door, I met one of my first mentors at the company I was working for selling infrastructure appliances to IT executives.  That’s when everything changed.

Once I started to make some tweaks here and there to my own sales process with the knowledge that was passed down to me from my mentors, I became the top business development person in a 400 person company.

I was soon promoted into a closing role, made the sales process and system that was handed down to me my own, built on it, and put it into practice to help clients and consistently year over year hit 150% to 200% of my quota.

That’s when I decided I would partner up with some other sales experts and launch a platform to get the best knowledge out to the world of sellers to help them achieve their goals as well. When it’s all said and done, success is execution on KNOWLEDGE and PROCESSES. This lead to the inception of Softwaresalesguru.